Friday, December 31, 2004

Men and women are different and see the world in diversely different ways. My husband and I were driving home from Saskatchewan to Edmonton after Christmas this past year and we had an experience that has two different interpretations - the man interpretation and the woman interpretation.

The drive home to Edmonton is a nine hour drive - we have a Chevy Cavalier that I am not friends with, but that is a whole different story. Anyways, we, er Jon, don't like to stop as we travel home, so we only stopped in Saskatoon to try out the new grilled sandwiches at McDonalds - after that it was home or bust! Usually my bladder busts and we have to stop about five hours later - we rarely make it home without busting. On this particular trip, I was doing quite well in the "busting" department and so we kept on going. Unfortunately, that meant we didn't stop for gas, licorice or chips! We were both quite dazed and did not think to stop for gas a we sped through Llyodminster, we just kept on going - Edmonton here we come! As we kept going we remembered that there is a stretch of highway that is about 100 km long without any gas stations. The reason we remember this stretch of highway so well is because we ran out of gas there a few years ago. My husband, whom I love, decided that we were good to go with our little blue car and that it would make it. Since I am a pessimist I began to fervently pray that I wouldn't be raped, pillaged and left to die on the side of the highway as Jon ran for gas. As we continued on through this deserted stretch of the prairies, we suddendly noticed a glowing red light coming from our dash - the check gagues light had decided to poke it's head out of the sand. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate this light - it is a warning for all men that the car needs attention. Unfortunately, at this time the light was salt in our wound - we were for sure on the road to destruction as we had already passed the point of no return. As we drove along we reminicsed about the different farms we had stopped at to ask for a drop of gas the last time this happened and how no one would help us. We knew we shouldn't waste gas idling in someone's driveway as they weren't apt to help!

Every hill that we crested, we prayed that at the top of the hill would be the gas station just outside of Ardrossen. Not to mention at this point I was ready to bust as well! Finally we sputtered into the gas station with a large sigh of relief. Jon stated that this was a great performance testing of our car and that it passed with flying colors. According to my husband we also now know the farthest we can drive our car after the check gagues light comes on...apparently this is a fact that everyone should know about their car. I feverently disagreed and thought the whole experience was quite unavoidable and no woman needs to know how far she can drive before perishing in the middle of the night on a stretch of deserted prairie highway!! Men and women, they see the world in diversely different ways, performance testing verses a near death experience!