Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Queen of the Typos

I think that I deserve the title - Queen of the Typos. I make the most ridiculous typos and some days they are just completely hilarious!

Just yesterday I had a job interview and was really nervous about the whole event and feeling quite nauseated. I decided to email my husband about it so that he could commiserate with me. In the email I stated that I was so nervous that I that I want to "bark". I obviously meant to type, "barf", but "bark" just came out. Can you imagine if I actually barked when I was nervous?!

Frightened Stranger on the Street - "Um...excuse me sir, that woman barking over there?"
My Husband - "Uh, yeah...appears so..."
Frightened Stranger on the Street - "Do you think she's ok? Perhaps we should call Alberta Hospital and see if anyone has escaped lately. That would be the responsible citizen thing to do, don't you think?"
My Husband - "Nah, she's just nervous - she always wants to bark when she gets nervous - it just happens sometimes."
Frightened Stranger on the Street (backing away slowly) - "I see...."

Another time I was telling my mom about all the things that I was doing and how I couldn't seem to keep up with the madness in my life. So I announced to her in email, "I am just so busty!!" Obviously, I meant to tell her that I was busy, not make a statement about my bustline. She just told me to get over myself!

Well at least they are humourous and keep people laughing....

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Jen said...

Donloree, STOP!! you are killing me. I'm laughing so hard I can't see straight!